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Bedford Coach Hire

You might be going to the very popular Huntingdon or Newmarket races near Bedford as part of a group or to the enormous biennial Bedford river festival, the Bedford regatta, the kayak marathon or the Bedford International Kite festival. As Bedford is famous for rugby union so you might want to go with your friends and watch a match where the Bedford Blues are playing. Alternatively you might be going to Bedford for work purposes, perhaps as a delegate for a conference at the Bedford Corn Exchange or you might have been invited to a corporate event. We at Bedford Coach Hire will give you the service to travel across bedford and much more as we are the number one company in this city.

You may be one of a group who want to explore the local tourist sites such as the Castle Mound, St. Paul's church where Wesley and John Bunyan both preached (John Bunyan wrote The Pilgrims Progress in the local gaol), the Higgins Art Gallery and Museum or the Panacea Museum about the unusual religious Panacea Society. Maybe you want to see the Cardington airship hangars where Star Wars and The Dark Knight were filmed. Perhaps a group of friends might want to watch a play at the University of Bedfordshire Theatre or the Corn Exchange.

Perhaps you want to travel together with your family from Italy to a wedding (after all 30 per cent of people living in Bedford claim some Italian heritage as their ancestors were recruited to work in the London Brick Company in the town). Perhaps, instead, your family are travelling from the Punjab or Eastern Europe to attend a family member's wedding or other celebration. Maybe, if you live in Bedford, you are part of a group that simply wants to go on a day trip, perhaps to York, or you may want to organise a school trip or one for elderly people.

Why use  Bedford Coach hire or Minibus Hire? 

There are so many advantages of using coach or minibus hire rather than rely on public transport in an unfamiliar area. For one thing it saves the group the hassle of trying to find their way around the local bus services in an unfamiliar district. It also has the advantage of keeping the group you are travelling with together ensuring that no-one gets lost especially after what should be a few enjoyable drinks. The last thing you want to be doing when it's pouring down with rain is to start wandering around looking for the right bus stops at one of the two railway stations in Bedford not to say the heavy luggage you might be lugging around with you.

It's much more relaxing to simply get on a minibus or coach with your luggage and be taken straight to where you are trying to get to. If the members of the group stay together they are more likely to bond by sharing a whole experience together, one that they can talk about later. You also want to save your energy for the venue you are visiting rather than on trying to get to and from that venue. Some people may be anxious about the additional cost to their day out when hiring a coach or minibus but this is often not nearly as expensive as you might think. You do, however, want to choose a company which is safe and reliable so that the group can relax together.

Why Choose Bedford Coach Hire?

Bedford coach hire  has well maintained vehicles (minibuses and coaches) with anything ranging from 16 to 74 seats, together with disabled access. The company is a reliable one using only DVSA approved and DBS checked drivers making it a safe company to travel with thereby making you feel secure and relaxed on your journey. They provide airport transfers from Luton and Stansted airports to the races at Huntingdon and Newmarket as well as to anywhere in and around Bedford itself (good for a family get together such as a wedding or a special birthday).

After what might be a long flight your group will be happier if they experience no further travelling hassle and can just get on a coach or minibus and relax until they reach their destination. The company can also send out a coach or minibus to pick your group up from one of the railway stations and take them to the hotel or event they are going to (particularly welcome on those days the weather isn't all it might be). It does save a lot of hassle when your group does not have to look for the right buses particularly in an area they don't know and struggle with heavy luggage.

Keeping the group together should enable everyone to get on well and this should add enjoyment to the event. As well as the services already mentioned  also provides minibus tours and it is even possible to hire a minibus with driver (both useful services for groups of tourists who don't want to get exhausted getting to the church or museum they want to see). The company can also provide transport to any corporate or other events your group wishes to go to including conferences held in the Bedford corn exchange. For those who live in or near Bedford day trips are possible including one that takes you to York.