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Bedford Coach Hire is Bedford City's most reliable and trusted provider of coach tours that has been serving the whole of Bedford and further afield. We boast a wide range of tour coaches that include 12, 14, 16, 22, 24, 49, and 72 seaters. All of these vehicles specifically meant for tour activities offer adaptable seating layouts designed to make your tour around Bedford and the nearby areas enjoyable.


With our coaches, your tour in and around Bedford will be safe and comfortable since all our coaches are fitted with air-conditioning systems, reclining seats, reliable and friendly staff, 3 point seatbelts fitted, hot and cold drinks, and entertainment systems to keep you and your friends entertained while touring the city.


Top Attractions in Bedford


Are you planning to tour Bedford anytime soon? Bedford is a lovely place to visit if you want to enjoy the countryside feeling coupled with flowing rivers, different types of flowers, and wildlife parks. Some of the top attractions in the city include Russell Park, Bedford Park, The Higgins Gallery and Art Museum, and the Priory Country Park.



Bedford has got much more to offer than just the above. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy ice and roller skating here in addition to plenty of skiing activities. There are also water sports activities in Bedford such as sailing and kayaking in addition to a number of aquariums to tour also. You cannot get out of Bedford without visiting the John Bunyan Museum, the Bromham Mill, Woburn Abbey, and the Roman Sandy. The list of things to do and places to visit in Bedford seems endless.


Are you in the market for a reliable tour company to transport you to all these 'must-visit' sites seamlessly? Look no further. We at Coach Tours Bedford are here to assist you. We have assisted thousands of people like you before. Make your tour around Bedford memorable with us.


Book Early for Fair Ticket Prices

Are you hoping to be home during Christmas or any other upcoming holiday that will see a lot of people travelling around?

But how does pricing work? Why would bus companies slightly charge you higher during peak seasons than off-peak seasons? It's simple. Bus or coach hire prices will be lower during off-peak seasons so as to encourage commuters to use the buses. Since a majority of them –we at Bedford Coach Hire included- are in business to serve customers while targeting increased revenues, off-peak seasons will see you being charged slightly lower so as to entice you to travel. During peak seasons, prices will slightly be higher due to plenty of reasons. Some companies will be attempting to take advantage of the situation while others may demand their drivers to work extra shifts so as to ferry more people

Coach Tours Bedford 

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